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About Us

We have developed a line of anti-aging skin care cosmetics based on stem cell derivatives. We are the first company to use a matrix of proteins originally derived from non-embryonic stem cells, Matrix NC-138, to harness the anti-aging potential of stem cells in cosmeceutical products.

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System Of Products

Proteoderm’s expertise in biotechnology led to the development of cutting edge anti-aging skin care products. The Proteoderm system works to revitalize and rejuvenate your own cells to help drastically reverse the effects of aging!

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How It Works

Proteoderm has used its expertise in
protein technology to develop a unique,natural matrix of proteins called Matrix™ NC-138 for use in anti-aging skin products. Matrix™ NC-138 acts on the skin to enhance activities that reduce wrinkles.

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Now Hiring

We are looking for executive level personnel with experience in the cosmetics or cosmeceutical industries. Public company experience is preferred. Experience with new product launch is required

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Proteoderm Product Line

"PROTEODERM and MATRIX NC-138 are trademarks of Proteoderm, Inc. and is a trademark of Proteonomix, Inc."

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